5 Reasons You Should Foster Kittens

5 Reasons You Should Foster Kittens

Springtime is kitten season and there are more than 20 million kittens are born this time of year who need a family. Sometimes mama cats get sick or stop nursing the kittens and they need a little human help to get a good start in life.


We currently have six kittens at this time from one liter. We got them when they were about a week old and they are four weeks old now. Their mom is a feral barn cat who was caught and lived in a home where she gave birth but became ill and had to go to the vet. She is doing fine now and has been released back to her barn after getting spayed. In the meantime, the kittens are being very well cared for and loved.




When the kittens came to us they had never drunk from a bottle and had not been handled much due to the mom being aggressive. The first couple of feedings were a training session in teaching them how to dring kitten formula from a bottle nipple. But after a couple of sessions, they were drinking their required amount and gaining weight like champs.


We are in love with these little guys and hope that you find inspiration in this post- maybe even foster for your local animal shelter or through Petsmart.



5 Reason You Should Foster Kittens

1.Fostered Kittens Learn How to Love and Recieve Love

Cats are notorious for being a little finicky and cranky at times- but kittens given lots of love and handling from the beginning will be more likely to appreciate affection from its family. Besides who wouldn’t want to snuggle kittens all the time.


2. Your Other Pet’s Will Enjoy the New Company

Do you have a dog? Well, chances are your dog will want to help “mommy” the kittens. Our dog D.D. who is one year old loves the kittens. She hangs her head in their playpen so she can nudge and sniff them. They love her too and try to climb on her when it is playtime. She is so gentle with them.


3. Your kids will have so much fun!

Fostering kittens is a great way to teach responsibility and let your children care for something for a while without a long-term commitment. Caring for kittens will get them off their phones and show them that there is more to life than Youtube. It also looks good on a college resume as volunteer work.


4. Fostering is Good for the Soul

Scientists have been studying the effects of animals on human health and have found that cuddling and petting animals have profound effects on people with physical and mental disabilities. In fact, our oldest daughter who is a child-life specialist has a dog named Kalle who is specially trained to work in the hospital. She spends her days visiting sick children and helping them through difficult procedures and improving their hospital experience. You can read about it here.


5. Fostering Saves Lives

As animal shelters become overfilled and workers exhausted, each spring they must make the tough decisions when they cannot get enough volunteers to help out. Why let those babies face an unfortunate end when they could be raised by a caring person and then given to someone who would love to have a furry friend that has been nurtured and loved from the beginning. What a great pet that would make as most of them have likely been socialized with children and other animals in the home.


Fostering animals (especially kittens) is great for retirees who have extra time on their hands. Also, there is so much advice and help on the internet and through Youtube. The shelter covers all of the expenses and finds people to adopt them. We share on social media the kitties progress to appeal to people we know too, to give everyone a chance to adopt one of these precious little critters.


Are you a foster parent? If not, and are interested leave a comment or question down below. You can also email me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.



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