5 Tips for Fostering Kittens on a Budget

5 Tips for Fostering Kittens on a Budget

Fostering precious orphan kittens is hard work but extremely rewarding. I mean, who wouldn’t want to cuddle and play with kittens all day? 


At first, very young kittens between newborn and 3 weeks will sleep most of the time. But between 4-5 weeks, magic happens and the kittens will become much more active. At this time they are litter training, eating on their own and are awake a lot more. And when they are awake- playtime is on!


I want to share 5 of my most useful tips for fostering kittens that I have found to be invaluable.



My 5 Top Tips


1.Purchase your toys and supplies from Dollar Tree. Animal shelters provide most of what you need. But sometimes you may want some fun toys or accessories that they are not able to provide. Don’t worry- you can do this on a budget. Dollar Tree has cat scratcher boards to keep them from shredding your furniture, balls with bells inside, litter boxes, food bowls, and baby blankets for them to snuggle in. 


2. Use free items. Cardboard boxes with holes cut out make super fun hiding places for adventurous kittens. Baby wipe boxes, shoe boxes, or amazon boxes make great play spaces for free.


3. Use a playpen to keep them safe at night. Not everyone has a spare bedroom to keep the kittens in and if you let them wander around at night, they could get into some trouble or end up in the bed with you.  A thrift store baby playpen makes a great safe spot to keep them in at night. It has enough room for a small litter pan, food, water and a snuggly bed.  (To prevent them from climbing the sides and falling out, line pieces of cardboard purchased from the school supply section at Dollar Tree around the inside perimeter.)


4. Buy disposable pans from the Dollar Tree to use as their first littler box. Make sure the sides are low enough for them to crawl into but high enough to contain the mess. They are easy to clean and cheap enough to throw out after use.

5. Tea Tree Oil will keep them from using you as a climbing post. Kittens love to cling to your ankles to get attention, sometimes even climbing you. This is so cute but can be extremely painful! A few drops of Tea Tree Oil on your shoe or pants leg will deter them (they don’t like the smell) and keep your legs and ankles scratch free.




I hope that you found something useful from my top 5 list of useful tips. It is so rewarding to foster these little guys and I hope that if you are considering it- try it out. Most animal shelters would be so thankful for the help, even if it’s just once. 


If you are a foster critter parent, please share your most useful tips to keep your crew safe and happy!





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