About Plucky Mama

About Plucky Mama

I never wanted children. I was 29 when I had my first child and although I loved him and protected him like a crazed mama bear, I sometimes wanted to put him back where he came from. I was so overwhelmed!


Five children later, I look back and think how silly I was to ever think I did not ever want children. What did I do with my time? Money? Energy?


My careless spending gave way to frugal tightwading. My endless hours spent doing whatever the heck I wanted turned into precious moments with my babies or quiet stolen moments for myself. My focus on myself faded and now I am thrilled when I remember to not wear my bleach stained shirts in public.


The past 19 years of devotion to the young people I love have shaped me into a better person. You have it in you to give yourself over to the task and find your mommy mojo. I want to help you find the passion for raising your children and be a mentor to you.


I could not have become the mom I am today without using my common sense to mother with the mind God gave me (and a couple of great mentors.)


Here, I will share my tips on training those babies up to bring joy to your life and theirs. Your newborn can learn to sleep through the night. All of your babies can learn to nap at the same time giving you a chance to rest.  (Read how I fed my babies what we jokingly call “roast beef milkshakes.”) Raise teenagers who have amazing manners and win the hearts of others with their kindness and maturity.


As an RN, I have learned that what truly matters to most people at the end of their lives is that they loved and were loved. Children will give you that if they are filled with love from you. It flows into them and pours back into you.


I may also share a few of my interest with you as well. There seem to be more than I have time for but a few of favorite things in my life right now are my chickens, fostering kittens, gardening, canning and knitting. Not to mention keeping up with five homeschooled teenagers.


I am here to help you when you need someone who has been there. Follow along and enjoy each moment of the journey. You can also find my adventures in homesteading on my social media accounts in the sidebar.