College Credits During High School With CLEP Exams

College Credits During High School With CLEP Exams

There is faster and more economical way to earn college credit by taking CLEP exams during high school.


When high schoolers are not sure if college is the right choice but still want to be prepared, CLEP exams provide a more efficient way to gain college credit during high school. College credit by exam saves money, speeds up the higher education process and gives your child more time to decide the right path for them.


My oldest is planning to earn a degree in Business. He wants to be finished as quickly as possible, just give him the facts. Give him the exams and get out of there.


His younger siblings feel the same way. They have many personal goals to focus on. They see college as an obstacle in their way of pursuing most of them. But will they be able to reach some goals without a degree? Maybe. Maybe not.


How My Kids Will Earn College Credit

After much discussion and research, my three highschoolers and I decided that the CLEP exams are a great way to bypass some of the hurdles- at least it is a more direct path to the credits they need.


Since the oldest has chosen a degree to pursue, he is going to start now – senior year- studying for and taking CLEP exams for the next year which should equate to around 30 credits.


This will shorten his time in college by one year, not to mention save us a lot of money. CLEP exams cost around $80-$100 and are available year round. That is much cheaper than a semester’s tuition for one class.


Child #2 decided to go ahead and take the CLEP exams to cover most of his general education requirements. As a high school sophomore, so he’ll have two years of college completed by the time he completes high school. He will earn his high school credits and college general education credits at the same time.


Child #3- a high school freshman, is following the same path. She likes the idea of CLEP exams to speed up the process. She is starting her study for CLEP exams this spring and is enjoying the thought of knocking out some college credits while still in high school.


They are excited about their futures and see the possibilities ahead instead of dreading spending more time in school.


College graduates throwing their caps

 Do you have CLEP exam experience? If so, please share your thoughts. I would appreciate your input on the discussion.

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