Jiffy Greenhouse Review: Seedlings Started

Jiffy Greenhouse Review: Seedlings Started

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Sowing the Seeds

I was in Walmart yesterday in the garden section looking for plant fertilizer for my new ferns. I came upon these seed starter trays and noticed how cheap they are. Just $6.88 for the Jiffy Greenhouse seed starter tray isn’t bad, not to mention easy. I brought one home after picking out several packets of seeds to plant.


Jiffy Greenhouse


Our new house won’t be ready for at least another month so I figured I could get a head start and get some seedlings going. By the time they are ready to go into the ground, we should be in. Knock on wood.



Prepping the Jiffy Greenhouse Tray

Preparing the tray to plant the seeds was very easy. I followed the instructions on the packaging and added 10 1/2 cups of water to the tray to cover the little discs of peat. You can see how compact they are before adding water. It only takes about 30 seconds for them to fluff up after hydrating them.


Jiffy Greenhouse


I then took a knitting needle and made three holes in each pod and dropped the seeds in. I lightly covered them with the loose peat on top. So I wouldn’t forget what I planted, I used broken popsicle sticks as labels and wrote how many pods I started of that particular seed.



Once they were all sown, I placed the clear plastic cover on top of the case and placed them is a bright room in my house out of direct sunlight. When a plant sprouts it’s first leaves I will prop the clear plastic cover. Finally, when all of the seeds have sprouted and have their first leaves I will take the cover off and move them outside in full sun.



It only took a couple of days for some plants to sprout, but I noticed the ones closest to a table lamp that is on a lot and probably kept that side of the tray warmer, started to grow a white wispy fungus. After some research, I decided to take the lids off and let the dirt dry out a little and let the air circulate around them more. The little sprouts are doing fine with the fungus on them so far.


Some of the advice stated to spray hydrogen peroxide on them, wipe the sprouts off gently, or throw them out. I didn’t do any of that because I figured if the plants are growing then a little dry air should manage the problem until they are ready to go outside.


At least I will know next time around if my simple method (or lack of any method) works.


Here’s a pic of the tray after 3 days sown. Little baby plants are so freaking cute!




The corn is the sprouts with the fungus. I hope it will be OK. I don’t want to mess up the Silver Queen corn, I love that stuff!


I will be updating this review as the plants grow so come back soon.


Update: The seeds grew in wonderfully despite the white fungus growing on some of the corn pods. I took some advice from the internet and removed the lids completely, made sure the ceiling fan circulated air around them all of the time and only watered them from the bottom after they had dried a little. This helped so much. 


Have you used these starter trays before? Did your pods get fungus also? What did you do about it? Please let me know, I would love to hear from you.




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  • Like you, we are mid homes so I won’t be starting a garden this year…(insert sad face!) I’m so jealous of your wee garden…and your chickens! YOu’ll be all set when you get in your new home.

    Have a great day!

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