Newborn Schedule: Bringing Baby Home to Join the Family

Newborn Schedule: Bringing Baby Home to Join the Family

My newborns slept through the night their first week home. I followed a newborn schedule. Yes, it was hard with the first baby in the beginning. But when I saw how my babies thrived on this schedule and I was well rested and making plenty of milk, I was hooked.


Most healthy newborns adjust to a sleeping and feeding schedule. Furthermore, schedules for both mama and her newborn bring peace and happiness to the family.


Why Your Newborn Needs A Schedule

Feeding a newborn on demand is often suggested by the experts. But, feeding a baby every time he cries wears mama down and causes baby to become colicky from overeating. Whimpering or fussing from the baby is not a reason for mama to jump up and stick a boob or a bottle in his mouth.


A newborn schedule provides time for moms to rest from giving birth, spend time with her older children and the family knows what to expect on a day to day basis. Plans get made, supper gets cooked, chores are done all while maintaining a schedule that fits the family’s lifestyle.


The Schedule in Action

Here is an example of the schedule that I used. This is from Dr. Denmark’s book, “Every Child Should Have a Chance.” I made adjustments to suit our family’s needs.


6:00 AM

  • Change diaper
  • Feed
  • Lay baby back down in a room where light is coming in. (Baby needs to adjust to day and night.)


9:30 AM

  • Bathe baby
  • Dress him in clean clothes for the day- something comfortable as he will sleep most of the time.


10:00 AM

  • Feed baby
  • Put baby to bed for an official nap where the room is darker and quiet. (You will be training him to take a morning nap.)   After baby naps bring him in an open room with the family but don’t be surprised at first if he sleeps the whole time.


2:00 PM

  • Change diaper
  • Feed
  • Keep baby in a well lit, open room with the family. This allows other members of the family to play and interact with the baby. (This will also help to tire him out for a good night’s sleep later.)


6:00 PM

  • Change diaper
  • Feed
  • Keep baby in a well lit, open room for interaction. (He may fuss and nap a little but that is fine. He is getting a little tired now- that is a good thing.


10:00 PM 

  • Change diaper
  • Feed
  • Lay baby in bed for the night. Do not pick the baby up or feed him until as close to 6 AM as possible.  Get some much-needed sleep!


Adjusting to the Schedule

A newborn may fuss a little starting around 5:00-5:30 but you do not need to jump up and feed him right away. Don’t worry, letting him cry a little is an important exercise for a newborn. It is the only time he has to expand his lungs and learn to work his neck muscles. And he will be ready for a good feeding session afterward.


Consistency is key to success!


This schedule will let you mommy with confidence knowing that your baby is eating and sleeping to promote growth and well-being.


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