Train Your Newborn to Sleep Through the Night

Train Your Newborn to Sleep Through the Night

Your newborn can learn to sleep through the night. Maybe even the first night home.


Sleep training is the first step to establishing a healthy routine for you and your babe. It may sound impossible. The hardest part is training yourself to be consistent and committed to establishing a nighttime schedule.


Being a new mom, I didn’t realize that I could train my baby to sleep through the night the first week of his life. I placed him in a bassinet right beside my bed so that I could hear every noise, gurgle, and grunt he made. What a mistake!


I didn’t sleep, not restful sleep. I was attentive to every little sound. In turn, I became a moody, cranky beast. My poor husband was the brunt of most of my mood swings- postpartum depression gets worse with lack of sleep.


Don’t let that happen to you or your unsuspecting partner. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it!


My life as a new mom and later as a mom of many became so much better. I felt rested. My babies were happy and ate and grew amazingly.


Get Ready to Sleep

There is one -most important thing to remember to make this work. YOU have to be consistent and committed. No wimping out!


  1. Safety first. Nothing in the bed but the baby.
    1. The mattress your baby sleeps on should be clean.
    2. Lay 3 cotton towels over the mattress to provide air circulation.
    3. Cover the towels with a tight-fitting crib sheet. This can work for a regular size crib or bassinet. ( I used a bassinet and used hand towels since they are smaller.)
    4. Place baby down on tummy to sleep after the last feeding of the night- after burping him well and changing his diaper.  Note- baby will inch his way up in the bed until his head is touching something, so make sure it is soft up there. Use a bumper pad or a bassinet with soft netting or fabric.
    5. Cover baby with an appropriate weight blanket- suited for the temperature for the room. Tuck base of blanket in near his feet tightly to prevent the blanket from coming loose (for safety).
    6. Don’t’ pick the baby up again until 5:30-6:00 AM. Don’t!


The only reason baby should be messed with is if he has a horrible diaper or a snake is in the bed with him. Chances are he will cry. Sometimes really hard. This is training. It will work. You will be your worst enemy here.


Take comfort that baby is fed, dry and safe. His lungs will get the exercise they need when he is crying. Crying does not hurt the baby. Crying is actually a very healthy way to get the fluid out of his lungs that he swallowed while in the belly.


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